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Art affects the way I see things, and the way I feel about the things around me. Without the ability to actualize an idea or concept, art would not exist. My work is a constant search for the best way to interpret the ideas that I have about myself and the world I live in. I do not limit myself to one medium, style, or concept. Inspiration and ideas change. Knowledge changes.

Each piece I create is simultaneously an extension from the past, where I’ve come from and what I’ve learned, as well as a preview of the future, where I’m going.  If a viewer stops for just a moment to view and reflect on a piece I have created, then I have succeeded in my work.

The pride that comes from knowing you have made something that others can admire. Just hearing someone say they like your work is reward enough.

Donna Schellack


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What is Giclée printing?

  • "Giclée" pronounced "zhee-clay" means fine art ink jet print. The term was coined to differentiate fine art prints from commercial proofs made from similar equipment.
    Giclée differs from other traditional printing methods. Posters are usually produced using offset lithography, which uses 4 colors of differing size dots to produce the colors (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black). Newspapers are produced the same way. Giclée prints have the different colors of ink mix on the surface of the paper, so the colors are bright and uniform, even when examined close up. Imagekind's Giclée printers use 8 colors of ink (cyan, light cyan, magenta, light magenta, yellow, black, light black, and light light black), so they are able to produce a wider spectrum of color than a traditional print can.


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